We understand that not all of the projects that you want to outsource.  With the changing way of delivering outcomes in more agile methods, there are times that our clients want us to staff roles as part of a larger teams or ask for help find the best talent for their long term needs.  Under this, we have two offerings:


Short Term Staffing:  Focus here could be solve for the current need, we can help provide some of our best consultants to be part of projects and as you need diminishes, you may choose to let them go with no long term commitments.


Recruitment:  Focus here is to find talent for our clients that would become their long term asset.  Tharka can help find the best fit for your needs.


HR Solutions:  This is a step beyond, team Tharka with its deep and vast experience can help you with end to end Human Resource solutions in recruiting, engaging, training and enhancing the skills of your team.